TW Wrestling is a Non-profit organization:

In 2018 our organization spent over $10,000 towards the youth in our community, helping many wrestling dreams become a reality. Extra donations to our club help kids in need cover club fees, Idaway/USA cards, gear and other costs associated with club wrestling. These donations also help individuals who are fully committed to our sport but lack the funds to travel and compete throughout the year at State, Regional and National tournaments. Through these generous donations and fundraisers, we have been able to maintain a full-time club coach, which has created many opportunities for our wrestling youth that was previously not available.

TW Wrestling was founded by a group of people with a common philosophy and mindset; that wrestling comes second to the development of a young individuals’ character. We believe that through the sport of wrestling, we can teach individuals to become better peopleĀ on and off the mat. Wrestling teaches hard work, discipline, motivation, determination, respect, passion, love and many other skills that we believe need to be harnessed and used throughout one’s life, even after their wrestling career is over.

We teach the fundamentals and techniques that are successful at all levels of wrestling, but believe this success cannot be accomplished without strategic, hard work and good habits. Our priority is to create an environment where kids can have fun with the sport of wrestling and grow a deep love for it. It is not uncommon for our wrestlers to be excited for practice everyday. We have a goal to develop these young individuals’ mindsets and beliefs into accepting they are capable of accomplishing great things.

TW Wrestling focuses on all 3 styles of wrestling: folkstyle, freestyle & greco, and practices are planned according to the season and tournament schedule. We provide opportunities for individuals to attend camps, clinics and workout sessions with top athletes and coaches in the wrestling community (Andrew Hochstrasser, Cory Clark, Chris Bono, Aj Schopp, Terry Brands and George Ivanov just to name a few). We also work hard to open doors for wrestlers who take our sport seriously and have a desire to compete at the highest level by connecting athletes to college coaches and elite clubs across the nation.

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Head Coach:

Seth Wright – 3x College All-American, 2x National Champion (NJCAA & NCAA Div. 2), National Runner-Up (NJCAA) & NCAA D1 National Qualifier. Total: 6x All-American, 4x Utah High School State Finalist (2x State Champion, 2x Runner-Up), High School All-American, 2x Greco-Roman All-American, 2001 Fila Cadet US Team Member (Greco).